Based in the UK, Nevanna is a women-owned mindful jewellery brand. Our jewellery is designed to bring happiness and calm, to help you protect your mental health and keep your treasured memories alive.


As therapists with over 25 years of experience, we know that jewellery can be a valuable mental health tool. Fidgeting with a piece of jewellery can distract you when you’re anxious. Focusing on smooth metal or embossed texture can help you decompress when you’re stressed. Of course, jewellery is also beautiful! You deserve beautiful things that make you feel good.


With Nevanna, we combine our passions for mental health and stylish design, to make a difference in a beautiful way. Our jewellery is handmade by artisans from all over the world, crafted from the highest quality stainless steel and sterling silver. The metals are waterproof and tarnish-free, so you can cherish your pieces for longer.


Nevanna jewellery promotes self-care and self-expression. Breathe, focus and reset with our anxiety rings when you feel overwhelmed. Hold your loved ones close with our personalised jewellery that sparks happy memories. Channel the energies of our crystal jewellery to enhance your wellbeing. Shop NEVANNA for mindful jewellery that empowers you with healthy coping strategies and exceptional style.